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A Reliable Wife

  The latest read of my bookshelf. I finished it last night at around 1 in the morning for no particular reason other than I really wanted to write a review for it. I recieved this one of twenty books in a box from World Book Night. I was supposed to hand them out to random people, targeting the ones that don’t read all that often, but there was a little problem with that. My friend (who took half the books with the same intention) gave one to her mom. Her mom flipped to a random page and found more adult content than we had expected.
Uh-Oh, now what?
  I would feel incredibly awkward to hand out a book to random people that has adult content of the sexual variety in it. I decided to read the book and find out how bad it was. So, here’s my review, which doesn’t include anything about the risque parts because they didn’t end up mattering in light of the whole story. They only added depth and deep, rolling emotion. (Doesn’t that sound like fancy poetry?)

A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

  A Reliable Wife is a very interesting read. It was both riveting and repelling; riveting, making me unable to not finish it, but also repelling in a way that I did not want to keep reading. A strange mixture that is difficult to put into words as it is more a feeling. The plot was beautifully twisted and dark, full of tiny sparks of surprises that made the story come alive. Attachment towards the characters is inevitable.
  Goolrick’s style of writing is stunningly unique, flowing and ebbing as if it is poetry. It’s a mesmerizing use of language where I applaud both the sentence structure and the entirety of the story. There is a certain form that a story takes when the writer sees both the fine details and the whole picture. Goolrick hit that nail on the head.
  This book is filled with passion, both physical and mental; a hunger for life, but a disdain for living; and sudden, blood red bursts of incredible tenderness and staggering violence.


I give it 4 out of 5. I was disturbed and entranced.

So I feel much more comfortable handing this out to random folks, but I might ask what their comfort zone is first. Now that I understand the story (I might read it again just to really understand it), I can explain it to anyone that is curious. A sigh of relief.

See? Reading creates comforts, relief, and intelligence. Turn to books in times of stress or confusion.

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The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian

Is the book I just finished reading today. It was great. Love the witty humor that was neither too old to be unrealistic for the main character, nor too young for adult readers like myself to enjoy. An amusing page-turner that is a quick read you wish there was more of. Cartoons and drawings only enhanced the humor and enjoyment of reading.

There wasn’t much scenery description until the very end (and that was limited), so it was difficult to create a concrete picture, but the dialogue and relationships, the emotions and thoughts of the MC, and the events happening kept me busy enough that I didn’t really need all the extra descriptions. It left my imagination room to create what I wanted without getting too involved with the unimportant stuff.

It was informative. There are quite a few details about the Native Americans in this book that are true, if not all of the details. It describes the sad situation that they are forced to live in, the lack of help they receive from the very people that said they were sorry for making their lives unhappy. I learned much, and I have a new understanding of how they live their lives.

Definitely a good read. Not completely for kids, but awesome for teenagers and adults alike. 5 out of 5. Received from World Book Night and I will hopefully be passing it on.

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