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Cat calls

Interesting title? Just wait…

Characters in this story: Myself, Friend #1, Friend #2, and my Sister.

Let us begin.

Friend #2 is walking towards my house. Friend #1, Myself, and my Sister are sitting in my room, the window is open. Conversation pans out as such:

Friend #1: Should we make cat calls at him (Friend #2)? Haha!
Myself: Nooooo, hur hur, let’s not.
Sister: Yeah! Let’s make cat calls!

Friend #1 and Myself sit up straighter in anticipation of being humored while Sister goes to the open window and peaks only her head over the sill.

Sister: “MEOOOOOW!”
Friend #1 and Myself: *dying of laughter*
Sister: What? Isn’t that a cat call?
Friend #1 and Myself: *dead*

It could not have been better scripted.

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